Friday, June 22, 2007

Dragging Big Butt

I am still dragging severe butt, and dragging face to go along with that. My strength continues to decline, but at least I look decent. Water has become an issue. it comes and goes and we are still trying to figure out why. If anybody can get a handle on that, B will - the Evil Genius!
When it comes, it comes in vast quantity. But then, thankfully, it slips away... we do need to get a handle on that though.

I had a photo shoot with my beloved Clyde Carr yesterday! I will say this again ladies - if you ever get an opportunity to work with him, do so! He is so much fun and easy to shoot with. He has a very artistic eye. He came here from his home in Annapolis, and we drove down to Cape Henlopen. It was hot and very sunny, not the perfect lighting for what we wanted to capture, but it was such a delightful day, no big deal.

Because I only had two days notice, I was a bit watery. Of course, I woke up this morning much drier. Doesn't that figure?!! This bicep picture is one from yesterday. The legs are from this morning - proof that the water drained a good bit. Also proof that I have been doing my homework over the past 6 months. My fat distribution is totally different than ever before, also.
We don't think that will cause any problems or concerns.

I don't think I will be coming in much leaner than last year, at the Nationals, as I had previously thought I might. I have worked hard at creating a fuller rounder look, and coming in leaner may cause some of the fullness to disappear. I was pretty lean last year anyway. At this point is looks like I will weigh in a couple of pounders lighter than we had planned. Current projection is 150-152.

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JC said...

your hard work is paying off big time...look great...keep it up