Saturday, June 09, 2007

6 weeks to go - I have dropped some of that awful water weight I had been carrying around. I don't know what made me puff up so, but at least it is starting to dissipate. I am still a bit more watery than I would like to be.
The clean and pressing contest...One guy got 10, 0ne got 9, most got 5 or 6, two guys got 3 reps...I stopped at 11 only because I was so winded. I knew I didn't have to do anymore, so I didn't. The first rep was so bad I thought for sure that I'd be lucky to get 5 reps. I finally started to get the hang of them around the sixth rep, at about the same time my breathing was beginning to get labored. Obviously my conditioning has waned. I will need to focus on bettering that. I think that implementing clean and pressing into my training will be beneficial.
Hanging at about 159 pounds now.

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JC said...

way to go in the clean and press contest..

and looking GREAT