Saturday, June 30, 2007

3 weeks

Proof that I grew some gams - it is almost time to show them off. 3 weeks from today. I only have about a pound to a pound and a half to lose for leanness, so today it's LaTolteca time!!!
LaTolteca is a very popular and very good Mexican restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, DE.
Their portions are also very big, and, the Golden Margaritas are sooooo very good....sooo good!
: )
I was reading some forum posts somewhere recently and the topic was avoiding alcohol whilst dieting for contests, and some even avoid it altogether in the offseason. Mind you, I do not go out and get wrecked, more than two drinks at a time is almost always over my limit, but heck, I've told you, two a day, most every day is my standard. Today I'll toast the abstainers whilst sipping my margarita(no salt)! Hmmmm, just realized I haven't had an IHOP day in quite sometime -
Bill Jentz, how about some Harvest Grain pancakes?

Here is my training partner, GW (George Wilson). This was taken yesterday. I love that intense expression on his face. ATTACK!!!! He is definitely a blast to train with.
Last night's workout was quick paced, and lots of drop sets. Definitely work, hard work, but gosh darn it, I miss my deadlifts! The real key to why I'm avoiding them, as well as other big movements, is that I just don't have the wherewithall.
I'm posting some new things on my free site( from time to time. I have a little pre-contest interview with me posted, and I'm going to try to take one picture out of every Members Gallery and post on the 'Bodybuilder' page (with the exception of the nudes, of course!!!). One more progress pic from last night for the road:
I will be ready! Have a Powerful weekend!

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