Wednesday, June 06, 2007

6.5 weeks out -

Had some progress pictures taken, but I am soooooooo water logged, I am not happy with but a few. I also need to practice posing, as I am not happy with that either. I have to pose differently because my physique has changed so much. I don't like posing anyway, I don't do it much unless I'm prepping for a show. Most bodybuilders will jump into a pose at any given opportunity. Not me.....I guess I'm just a humble little girl : )

I took Monday off from training legs - I was so beat up and EXHAUSTED - going through another insomnia phase (SUCKS) and was very beat up from the cleans and presses last Friday. I cleaned and then I pressed. I didn't clean and press yet. I make my attempt this Friday. All of the other competitors have made their attempts. I am the only woman, the lightest, and the oldest. The wieight to be used is 135, and the goal is 10. None of us have clean and pressed before, nor done any Olympic lifting for that matter. One out of ten so far has acheived the 10. One acheived 9. The others all fall between 3 and 6. Go Kate Go!!!

Today was chest and shoulders. I did not do triceps because of the plan for Friday - saving them to be fresh. The new method of benching is proving to be the way to go. I did 275 for two good pauses, and in a friggin' exhausted, beat up and also worn out from dieting state. Go Kate Go!!! 225x8 and a half. 265 x 6. Go Kate Go!!!

Yes, insomnia - it's the kind where I keep waking up for long stretches several times every night, fragmented sleep,worse than no sleep in my opinion. I've suffered from sleep problems off and on all of my life, and truthfully, it is worse than most anything that I can think of. If I had to choose between $100 million dollars and 6 hours of straight sleep every night for the rest of my life - I would choose the sleep. Honest, I would. I really, really would.


Christine said...

Good luck with the O-lifts.

And I hear ya on the sleep. That sucks.

Anonymous said...

don't care about the water.

you look GREAT