Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last night, I go in, do one work-set of deadlifts, 315 x 12, then BAM!!! I'm wasted, ready for a nap!!! That's what I'm going through, still - just lack of VIM, lack of VIGOR....I couldn't even pick the bar up off of the floor for the next set. So then I moved onto rack pulls. Now, when I do rack pulls, or "partials",I do them from beneath the knee. So many people I see move the bar from above the knee, and the bar moves about an inch...WTF??? I'm still getting about a foot of movement here. 565 for 3 or 4...I'll probably get a lot better at these, as I've only done these 2 or 3 times total in my life.
Hammer Machine single arm rows...I don't much care for this machine, but I let B pick my workout last night, as I didn't feel like thinking - just doing. Machine pullovers...blah...then cross swing dumbell curls (I don't know what else to call them). I think B made me do 85's see, I wasn't thinking, so I don't remember all of the details.Then Gawwwd awful preacher curls with a barbell...oooh, I hate any kind of barbell curls. Calves toe raises on whatever that machine is. And a set of hip flexor curls on the lying leg curl. My hip flexorshave been out of synch again, as I haven't worked them for months. Traywick commented whilst watching me squat the other day that I was really wobbly on the descent. That's the sign that my hip flexors need some tending to. So I tended to them.
I'm up to about 156. I should be well into the 160's now. At least I still have some quad striations!!!
Not real good for recovery purposes, however. Weight will start to climb next week, I'm sure, and hopefully so will my energy levels!! :) Believe me this - I AM GETTING REALLY TIRED OF POSTING HOW BURNT OUT I AM!!!
It's been a gray and gloomy week, but the sun is finally shining today. It's supposed to be in the high 90's, and since I do live "at the beach", I think I'll take advantage of the breeze off the bay today, and try to soak up some of the sweltering late August sun. Hopefully the crowds will be a little thinner there today since the kiddies in most places have started school, keeping the tourists at home. Last two times I ventured down to the beach I could not find a parking space and wound up coming home. Boooo.

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