Saturday, August 18, 2007

Twiddling Thumbs

I'm just hanging about twiddling my thumbs this week...
My body is showing signs of accepting this forced rest. OK, so I have learned that I need to go out and find a dictionary that has the word "Relax" in it, and place that book somewhere with easy access at all times...

Great news for my Powerlifting meet - the First State Power Frenzy, which is held at the Training Center gym in New Castle DE on September 15th, APF sanctioned, raw and geared divisions.
AT LARGE NUTRITION and TITAN are both stepping up to help sponsor this time, and word is we may have another biggie helping out. and

I honestly have not tried At Large Nutrition's products yet, but I hear that they are superior to much of the stuff that lines the shelves at the vitamin stores these days.
Broderick just received a pair of Titan knee wraps a couple of weeks ago, first time he has tried them, and loves them!
If anybody who is reading this plans to compete in the FSPF, please register as soon as possible! It's hard to know how many trophies and t-shirts and such to order when you don't know how many competitors are planning to lift in the meet!

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