Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm finally on the upswing again - slowly, but finally. I was spent after the show, then that stomach flu kicked my butt. I did my two weeks mandatory rest, not as hard as I imagined because I had no choice with being sick. Going to the gym to train was NOT in the forefront of my mind. I haven't jumped back in entirely full force yet, I will be kind to myself so I don't relapse into the burn out stage.
It feels good to be refreshed, not just physically but mentally as well.
I am finally up in weight - one whole pound since weigh-ins!! Hey, you try gaining weight with a stomach flu! I am up to 151...
I did train Wednesday. It went as expected, I think I even still had a fever that morning. Powerlifting mode = bench pressing. I was able to pick off 225 x 6, yes all paused, but that's nothing for me to rave about as you know. But that's ok, realizing I need to ease back into it. I did less sets and reps for the entire session, to keep myself from overtraining.
Last night it was back to DEADLIFTS!!! Yay! It has been over two months since I pulled from the floor. I certainly was not expecting much, but I did better than I expected, especially after a couple of very stressful workdays. I expected a 315 x 5 tops, in my ragged low weight state.
I managed 315 x 10, so I did put 365 on the bar and pulled 4. It was a sucky bar with no knurling on it. It felt good to put another hole in my pants and make my leg bleed again! My ABS are what are incredibly sore this morning - hence, why I never directly work them, boys and girls. Less overall volume, again, need to back off for a week or two.
Now that I am not contest dieting, I decided to go for the ultimate post workout recovery drink - a Slurpee! Actually, it was a WaWa Icee, same thing. Hot weather is Slurpee weather, and this was my first all year. Good stuff!

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