Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I was bouncing back to health and spriteliness on Friday, then got a rebound of whateveritwas on Saturday and Sunday. It was so bad, that I finally decided that a Dr's visit was in order yesterday morning. Of course, I was on the upswing again by the time I got to the Dr's office. But that is ok, it just feels good to finally (almost) feel good again! LOL!!!
ahhhh, squats..........SQUATS!!! First session back to squatting since mid-June, and gosh, did it feel good- it was just this side of orgasmic!!! I was a little rusty, but not too bad - I was just breaking in a new stance a few months back when I had to abandon them because of bodybuilding contest prep. Yes, I HAD to, I just simply couldn't push through them any longer due to overtraining, lack of steam,etc. I would have to say, that having been in the depleted state for so long, then coming in off of a two week flu stint, I can't complain about my performance at all.
B trained with GW and I...I had almost forgotten what a sick pup he is when he trains.
315 for 8 pretty much took everything out of me as far as endurance on my first set. 365 for 2 wasn't hard at all, I felt the strength was there, my legs called out for more, but lo' and behold - no steam to push further. I need to get the "wherewithall" back in gear.
Next week, I'll be back in the 405 mode, yeah yeah yeah... I'm frothing at the mouth. Even if I'm not in the mode next week I'm going to do 405 anyway. We also did smith machine back lunges on a box - I really don't have any polite words for those...

My goal is to get at least that 450 that eluded me on the platform last year a couple of times, and to hopefully get a 475... bodybuilding contest prep definitely cuts into one's strength gains, I despise that side effect...I am ultimately after the 500 (belt and knee wraps only, of course). I need to nail down a commitment for a meet to compete at in the coming months, so stay tuned on that decision.

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