Thursday, September 06, 2007


I'm still here. Things are coming around. Slowly...oh, how I hate when things go slowly...
but I'll get there.
My physical condition still predicates that I train in upper rep ranges. I'll just think of it as "cycling". Cycling does have its place in training regimens.
I thought I was backing off the other night with the leg training. No squats, as I am "cycling" and my hips hurt anyway. In fact, I had my back/hip adjustment from B and he said that my pelvis was more twisted out of place than he had ever seen it, as well as my spine. Needless to say, that adjustment hurt like H-E- double hockey sticks.

Anyhooo, I did straight on leg pressing. Let me tell you yesterdays trips up and down my three flights of stairs were the most grueling EVER! WTF??? Must be the high reps I'm not used to? I did 20-15-6-15.

The other day, I was listening to a trainer tell his client about the mind having more power than the body, as most of us that train with weights at a high level know that the adage "Mind over Matter" is indeed a true. His conversation got me thinking of this problem, where my mind knows it has superior power to push through over the physical, and is so used to doing so, that it doesn't listen to the physical when the physical is crying out signals that need to be listened to. Balance, it's all about balance in life, isn't it?? EVERYTHING is about balance. Training, eating, relationships -

Off topic, the weather has been SUPERB! How much better can you get than low 80's , abundant sunshine, low humidity? It is now the time of year we locals of the Delaware resort area wait for, after all the tourists go home! We claim our beaches and roads back for awhile.

I got my photographs back from the Masters that were shot by Dan Ray. He was such a pleasure to work with. And his work is fanastic! I'll be putting them up on my Members Section.


Anonymous said...

Kate, I am a huge fan. You look amazing. Love the hair too, love curly hair. The body is awesome.

Kate Baird said...

Why thank you, Mr. idiot! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

See doesn't calling me an idiot right off make things easier??? Sorry I tend to forget the profile name says that. My real name is Rob but given your physicality, you can call me whatever you like. Anyway, keep up the hard work, it's paying off trust me.