Sunday, September 16, 2007

Row Row Row

The second annual First State Power Frenzy is now in the books! It was another great meet.

I'll be doing a write up for Powerlifting USA and will copy and paste it into my blog, so no elaboration until then. I now just want to give my heartfelt thanks again to all of the terrific people who come out to help us. No way in H-E- double hockey sticks would our meets be the success they are without people such as Tone Barbaccio, Jules Furniss, Roadhead Morris, Shawn Lattimer, Joel Killen, and the crew (wish I knew all of their names) from Jersey Iron. Then there is the Iron Bodies Fitness crew out of Oxford, PA - Brad Vargason, Doug Hollis, Danny Blankenship, Matt Wilson etc. (wish I knew all of their names too)And Len Walker - I bow down to to you. Jeff McVicar, Brian Weston, Tommy DiChiara, Hank Stoklosa and Jon Stoklosa, Carl Seeker - You are the bomb!!! My darling son Slater Clampitt and friends Jarett McManus and Michael Rhoades helped with video taping the event and energizing music... I know I'm missing dozens of people here! Nope, could NOT have been the success without any of you. Most of these people show up time after time for us and throw themselves into the trenches without prodding or hesitation for the love of the sport and camaraderie betwixt themselves. And Jack Osborne, owner of The Training Center where we hold our meets - I treasure your generousitiy and enthusiasm more than words can express. Yes, I feel blessed.

Friday, since I was at the Training Center all afternoon and evening for weigh-ins, and it was back day, and since The Training Center does have dumbells in five pound increments up to 190...Heck, what a better way to spend a few moments than pulling on some really heavy dumbells for some dumbell rows! I haven't done anything heavier than 125's for quite some time, due to the fact that is as heavy as Midway's dumbells go (though 130's and 135's are on order:) !! ). Picked out a 170 - I figured a few were possible...10 reps was the result! So B threw down a 190 and said " you might not be able to move this, but try it for your own satisfaction." Hey - four...I did four reps on each side with the 190 pound dumbell...I did post the video of me rowing on the Video Gallery page of my free site. I guess you could say that I appeased myself to satisfaction!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kate tell B. that if he wants to see any of the Iron Bodies crew at any more DE meets to return his phone calls. Seriously.