Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Not quite in the "bouncing" state that I seek yet, however I am finally coming back around.

Maybe I should call it my "dribble" state, rather than bounce back state. I did train legs last night with B, and my dear friend Joel made a special guest appearance and trained with us.

It had been a very long time since I trained legs with B. He's still recuperaating from a meniscus tear, and I'm still recuperating from crash-burn, but we both did good. I managed 315 x 12 for a nice set.Those high reps always burn me out, even though I think one or two reps more were in me. (high reps = more than 6)However I did pick off 405 for 2. I have not had that much weight on my back since April. I did forget how much I LOVE having that heavy bar strewn across my shoulders! OOooh!!! :D

I recently changed my squatting shoes (yes, AGAIN). I am now sporting a pair of VANS when I get under the bar. I wore them one night because I didn't feel like dealing with the extensive lacing my UB's require. I didn't expect to like them, but, by cracky, they seem to be Magic shoes! Vans have a bit more grip than Chuck Taylors, and they also have a bit more cushioning on under the foot, not much, but a bit. That and they look good - Hey!

Then it was just work work work for the rest of the session.

I was beginning to think there for awhile that I would never be able to squat heavy again. However, I have renewed faith in myself. I just have to keep myself reigned in...it's coming!!

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