Thursday, September 13, 2007


My benching has come back around full circle. I'm just letting the bar hit where it wants to hit, which is extremely high compared to most benchers, my natural groove, but, well, heck, it is working. Screw the scientific theories.
I am changing my foot placement back to a more natural placement. Apparently it made somewhat of a difference, for last evening I managed 245 x 5 pause reps, with help on #6. So, not quite as spectacular as it used to be, but at least it is not on the downward spiral that it had been.
I do not like benching in flat shoes. I need a heel. Time to dig the Magic Harley boots out again.
Heels make me feel more elevated, even though I am lying on a bench. Feeling "up" helps the bar go "up"...does that make any sense at all?

It seems as if my body has responded kindly to the rest I gave it recently. I never quite got those "shoulder stripes" etched in for the Masters. I am known for having really good "shoulder stripes" (striations). Seems as if my body was retaliating and turning on survival mode by trying to hold onto fat storage and water in most unusual places during my severely over trained, over reached state. But right now -I feel good, I look good (for me to say either one of those statements is a FAR REACH on any given day, much less BOTH!)
I have been very good to myself - I've been hopping in the whirpool at the gym twice a week recently. I have been getting adjusted by B two or three times a week ( and they are grueling adjustments, oh God they are), I have been resting more, relaxing more - yes, I looked the word up, I think I finally know what it means....though I haven't quite gone so far as to by that elusive dictionary with the "R" word in it yet...
I am coming back around, I promise!
FIRST STATE POWER FRENZY is Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for the lo down !

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