Saturday, September 22, 2007

Glue in my Nose

That's Jules Furniss and I at the administrators' table at the Power Frenzy last weekend. She is the bomb! She was part of the tremendous team of people who helped us make the meet a success! THANK YOU JULES!!!

My bench is continuing to coming back around. It is weird to think that something as "simple" as readjusting my feet and wearing higher shoes could be so important, but it seems to be working. I pushed 245 x 6 then 275 x 2 all paused the other night. And foot plates - I put the foot plates back. I'm not tall, even though people tell me that I look tall in photographs - I am only 5'4 1/2".

Last night it was rack pulls - I worked up to 600 :) for three reps! I think one more would have happened had I not had to worry about my bladder bursting down my legs! Not really funny...I often wonder if other women OR men get that bursting feeling when they are pulling (or pushing for that matter)! My whole body, including scalp muscles worked for those. I am curious to see if these do indeed help my deadlift off the floor. I haven't pulled from the floor for several weeks now. Then shrugs, T-Bars, Stiff arm pull downs, incline bicep curls, and "spider curls" - I can't recall the last time I did spider curls!!! I didn't like those, but I don't like doing my biceps, period. What do they have to do with spiders????Then donkey calves. Then into the whirlpool for hot therapy. Why I ignored the whirlpool for years is beyond me, but it helps recuperation in the best way.

I wonder has anyone else been suffering allergies as I have been lately. My nose just closes up lately like someone has poured glue down into my nostrils. And I get a splotchy redness, especially around my throat. I wonder what cavemen thought when they had allergies like that..did they realize it was allergies?


Anonymous said...

My allergies are mold so when the trees drop their leaves and they die, that's when the fun begins. Cavemen probably died from allergies. Not being smart enough to open their mouths to breathe when their noses closed up.

Kate Baird said...

well that clears things up for me...that is, except for my sinuses!!