Monday, November 19, 2007

Away I go...

The hired guys are coming to get my big furniture items tomorrow.. I am so looking forward to that! However, I still have to clean this place, and my new place needs to be unpacked and arranged.... moving is certainly the stressful event that they say it is. It has seemed to be a perpetual experience.

I put the bar on my back tonight and tried squatting with it, but I still have the pain problem on the sides of my legs. It has lessend considerably, though I don't know if that is from time or from just not doing the things that really irritate it. So no squatting yet :( I can do "duck" squats on the smith machine, and the Nautilus Duo Squat really agrees with me, which I will go on record as saying that in my own humble opinion it is one of the most effective pieces of gym equipment ever made.

We picked apart my physique tonight, to decide which bodypart(s) I might need to concentrate on bringing up for the Masters next year. There is one which I shall be concentrating on, but I'm not saying - you all can guess....I will give you two hints - it is NOT my back and it is NOT my glutes. (giggle...)

Last week I did rack pulls again. I used to scoff at the thought of them, but they have certainly grown on me. It might be the fact that I very much like the 605 for several reps that I work up to. Big weights make me warm and fuzzy. Next time I'm going for 650. My fuzzy felt goal is 700. I imagine at 180 I will be able to handle that poundage. :)

I will be cut off from internet for a couple of days, due to moving. So until next time - here I am tonight at 173.

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