Thursday, November 01, 2007

Growing Like a Weed

I think Guilherme Marchi is on fire and just may pull it together this year at the PBR Finals to win that world title...but heck, Justin McBride does know how to pull it together under pressure...and JB Mauney, well if I was 20 years old right now he'd be the one I'd be drooling over.
Today I stepped on the scale, stepped off the scale, stepped on the scale, jiggled myself around just to be sure - 176 1/2! I now officially weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life. All my "big" clothes from last year, the ones I didn't wear because they were still too big, well, they are too tight now...I guess I am officially big?

I won't talk about last week's deadlifting, because I did surpass a previous best in reps w/ 365, ok I'm talking about it, but I managed to aggravate my hip flexors in the process. I was feeling very strong, grabbing that bar and yanking it so fast from the floor, but I was also compensating for my legs being so pained, that I actually had to finish it by pushing my hips forward. Yes, I know that's how you are supposed to do a deadlift. However, my technique is usually to whip it back once it gets moving. So, imagine the feeling of straining your lower back, but having that pain in the front!!! Walking, no, make that simply moving my lower body, was a horrendous task on Sunday morning,to say the least.

This evening we did incline dumbells again. This time I did 90's x 12, then did the 120's on my second set - 3 reps came surprisingly easy! I'm sure if I had on my APT BLACK MAMBA WRIST WRAPS that I could've gone for 4, but I didn't. The rest of the workout was prime. I guess the weight is agreeing with me. I felt really good, I felt really strong, even though I was a little worn out from starting the process of moving - remember, I live on the third floor. Words of wisdom - if you plan on moving out someday, don't move to the third floor. My legs and lower back are fried, and I've only taken two car loads thus far!!!
Down then up, then down, then up, and again and again and again! 36 steps each way.

I've still got leg separation and some striations showing in my shoulders at 176. My frame can easily hold 20 pounds more muscle, but I don't think I'm mentally ready to even imagine that.

I've got to get used to this tank like structure I'm wearing now. I feel friggin' huge.

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i havent been reading your blog regularly and i have been remiss. please forgive me...i think the stretching is a great idea...massage is also important for the fascia growth...we dont want you bursting out when you hit 195 of amazon