Monday, November 12, 2007


I have been busy moving, and thus far it has been mostly me, with the exception of a few loads of help from my son. I am relatively happy that I have been able to keep my collection of STUFF from growing much larger the past few years that I have lived at this residence, but OMG, my son is a PACK RAT! The movers will come get the big items next week - I am looking forward to the end of this process!
I took a couple of training days off from the gym this past week, but I have been putting in lots of cardiovascular time trekking the stairs... I am surprised, albeit very very glad that my back has been holding up. The stairs aren't straight up and down stairs, so manuevering objects sometimes becomes tricky around the corners.
I am back down to 171, but it is a good hard 171. I'm stabilizing so I'm feeling alot less tankesque and clunky.
Back to packing!

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