Thursday, December 13, 2007


I had a decent benching session last night, though I still say I should be lifting heavier weights rather than just "coming back around"...I'm heavier. The weight has not made me all that much stronger,(with a few exceptions)...I do recover better, and my technique seems to be better because the added weight has me more stabilized...but heck, I still think I should be stronger.

I did my first set with 245 rather than the 225 I usually go for. I THINK, and really,I just can't remember, I did 8??? Then up to 275 for 4 Then a very nice 295 (yes, all my bench reps are still paused), then down to 225 for whatever I did - a work set. Then my typical chest, delts, tris -

I did static presses for my triceps in the power rack again last night. They are my newest vote for most misersable exercise. Boards give play - the rack doesn't. It is a dead stop. oooo -

Here are some pics I found that WPW have on their site for sale - I don't have any of these in my galleries (though I have similar shots from the sessions) . Bill Jentz took all of these at the Masters this past July in Pittsburgh at Station Square- their sites are and
AND of course my website is where you can find a skajillions photos and videos of me in my Members' Section... :)

That is me under all of that fuzzy hair(and it wasn't even humid out that day)!!!!!!!!

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