Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Power

I hope everyone had a Powerful holiday in whichever way they could use the power the best.

Did I get my squats in?..well....not exactly but not exactly no, either... I woke up with a killer sinus headache, up under my eyes and in my nose. I know I have allergies to something here, because I spent the night at my parents for Christmas Eve, and I woke up feeling dry and fine. I came back home and within two hours I was stuffed up and felt the pressure under my eyes. I wish I had an idea as to what it is, but until then I thank God for Claritin, Benadryl, and nose spray. Which brings me back to squatting on Monday morning...I had to choose nausea inducing pain in my face, or sluggishness due to taking a few Benadryl, which are the make you drowsy kind, the kind I need to take the edge off of those kind of headaches. I took the Benadryl. I have trained under the guise of Benadryl before, sometimes it kicks my butt, sometimes not. It definitely did kick my butt on Monday morning... BUT, as I was proceeding to commence my last squat session of the year, and determined not to completely blow it, I squatted. I mustered up a 425 x 1, which is not my best, and in not my best head groove or physical groove, but I did it. So I got half of my Christmas wish - and the rest of my workout went well - Smith lunges, slow extensions and curls, and my legs looked huge afterward :) :) Big ol' pillar like slabs of meat hanging from my hips...which reminds me I have to get my nerve manipulations in for the morning. I do them everyday, have to.
I did post the 655 rack pull video clip in my free site video makes me giggle every time I watch it. That was my third set and in a down yeah, I'm going to try for a goal of 3 reps within the next few weeks of training. or maybe go for 675 x 1????

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