Thursday, December 06, 2007

- squatted :)

So Monday I tried to squat, and I did!!! :) There is still a tightness and discomfort and a slight bit of pain in the problem areas, but it is not a seering pain. That means progress in the right direction. I squatted different from my norm, however. I am a leg and glute squatter - Monday I became a hip squatter. I needed to throw the emphasis off of the problem areas, which are top and side of the bottom outer quads. I was able to squat deeper more easily with this technique. The squats probably looked beter technically than my usual squats. 315 for 3 sets, and that was fine with me. I was aprehensive about doing any more than that. All around a very good session.
I did smith machine lunges, and I'm happy to report that they did not bother my compartmentalization much either.
No, don't try to tell me it is anything other than that, because it is not.

Last night I was feeling wrath of funerals, driving for hours, and these f ' *^?ing allergies. I still can't figure these allergies out, but they are grating me down. I'm still red, and hot, and have big puffy red eyes, too. It was just a ho hum workout.


JC said...

hope all is going well.

Kate Baird said...

Hey dude - MISS YOU!