Monday, December 10, 2007

Squats are my obsession.....

OOps - I meant to take a picture for younz tonight...but it slipped my mind. I know you are all visual creatures... seeing is believing now, isn't it???
I weighed in at 178 (!) on Friday, however I am down to a svelte 176 again today...yikes! I was tinkering with the idea of trying to get up to 190 in the next couple of months, but after tonight, I think that I will level off at 180. The compartmentalization issue was prevalent this evening. "twasn't as bad as it has been at times, but it was there. It had been subsiding, but I started to go up in weight again.I squatted once again tonight - yay! Two weeks in a row isn't my norm, but I just HAD to. I did 315 for 10 and was back to my old ways - shirking out of pushing myself through two is so obvious that I do that...I think I just fall out of the zone, I don't know...and 365 for 4 should have been 5 or 6... I decided to do 405 for a couple, because in reality, if it weren't for the crazy problems I have been having, my heavy sets should be 455 for reps. I did 2, but hey, I AM coming back around. One more squat session befiore the end of the year, (because I will not squat next week)...I have GOT to do a 445, at the very least.

Friday I did rack pulls. I almost had a 655, but I just petered out before I straightened all of the way up...BOO on me!!! I am not one to count partial reps of anything...NO - unless it is a full rep, babe, it doesn't count in my book...

I went to a samll WNPF meet over in Seaford DE yesterday. I'm used to seeing crazy APF lifters, so I didn't expect to see anything over the top. Don't get me wrong. I love powerlifting and whether it's geared, raw, natural, juiced, whatever - I respect all of the effort that goes into the lifts. But then there is Bill Lewis - my dear friend Bill. WNPF stands for World NATURAL Power Lifting. He must be about 5'11, weighed in at 291 yesterday. His arms are as big as my legs, I always tell him. He'd be big and muscular without ever picking up a weight, I do think. Anyhoo - he is a big bencher, but had never really deadlifted before, except with toying around with small 315's etc at the gym. He decided to give it a go yesterday for the heck of it, had no idea how much he should go for. Anyhoooo. He picks up 625, raw, drug free, for the first time, like it is a trash bag. Just stands up with it no effort exerted. I am going to try to convince him to train for the deadlift for February. The man could have picked up 750 with little problem yesterday, absolutely yes. A little training...geezz - alot of training...good God!

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