Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ten Years Gone

I am very psyched that Led Zeppelin is touring again. I was lucky enough to see them in Washington DC back in 1977, before John Bonham died, for their Song Remains the Same Tour - one of my favorite Zeppelin songs is Ten Years Gone. They actually played that, which surprised me. Robert Plant sat on a stool to sing it. Yes, I was a Led Zeppelin junkie...What do I like to listen to now? Screamo - yeah! I love Killswitch Engage, All that Remains, As I lay Dying, but I also love Tool, and LIVE, absolutely love LIVE.
There - I talked about something besides training...enough of that.
Back to training.

B tricked me into incline pressing the 125's for 3 good and almost 4 reps...just couldn't get that last bit o' lockout on the last one. I like it when I'm tricked into doing things such as that. I was in such a state that I thought I didn't think I had much in me. I was going to be fine with 90's for the night. (Of course, B tricked me with giving me 100's for the first set instead of the 90's)
Some people believe in themselves and push forth with that belief. I perform better when somebody else believes in me - I can't let them down. That's what really fuels me.

Last night deadlifts - I was so upset - 405 for 2, I didn't have a good grip in my right hand, and it fell out. I was thinking there may have been 4...I did a second set of 2, but damned if those 2 reps shouldn't have been included in my first set. Hmmmph!!!

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