Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Frizzy Squats

I went to the gym alone last night, GW had work commitments. I was ok with that, as I felt a need for "deload", time to back off a little on the bench work. Nobody to give me the extra inspiration to push a little harder,... so, Heck, why am I so very sore today??/I am supposed to be refreshed and recovered! NOT! I played with the kettlebells. I love kettlebells. Just played like a kid. Actually I had the whole gym to myself for most of my workout. It was all spiritually kettlebell...

AND yes! I have been getting some sleep this week. Enough talking about it because i don't want the experience to fizzle out. No bad karma, please.

So legs day was Sunday - I have been thinking about squatting quite incessantly as of the late - like - how am I ever going to do it again with all of these "hurdles"...I am constantly analyzing, and find myself picking up the broomstick at odd moments throughout the day and throwing it upon my shoulders to practice squatting in different ways. I was going to get back under the bar and just walk it back just to keep acquainted with the bar, but my mind changed when I was under the bar. I had to HAD to try to see if my idea for squatting had any bearing and effect on my leg pain. Soooo - I squatted. Happy to report that my change up worked for the positive. Now, bear in mind, lack of sleep still had me void of energy reserves, though I know the strength is not gone - big strength is still waiting to burst back out, but the energy reserves...still hard getting through the day without working out... but I did 320 for 6 and 370 for one...and since I know there was two in me, and I wussed out on the last one as I usually do, I had to immediately go back and do 370 again. No knee wraps - going to leave those off as much as I can for awhile to come.
I brought my stance back to the way I used to squat = very, very narrow. Takes the emphasis OFF of the hips and outer thighs and puts it back on the front of the leg and alot of gluteus medius and hamstrings, of course. The front of my thighs are still crying tonight! Of course, the 10-10-2-20's that I threw in for "fun" on the leg extension machine might have something to do with the soreness too - Hah! Big Al and Andy will love to hear I did those! I also changed back into my Harley boots, with a heel, rather than the flat shoe. With the arch supports my weight is more evenly distributed and I'm pushing from my heels still, even with a heel on the shoe, and not falling forward.
Narrow squatting makes it harder to get past parallel, for me, but now when I do my squat, and when I think I'm far enough down, I say to myself, "not far enough", and go just a tad more, so if they aren't deep enough then my hair isn't frizzy.... ..

I see too many bodybuilders have "luck" at shows - good AND bad, so, I'm saying "May all the preparations you put into this show prove to be your best efforts yet and so shall ye be duly rewarded" to my friends competing at the Masters Nationals this weekend - Jack Osborne and Marlene Churchill-Wolverton are going to kick some glute! And Pam Franklin is looking incredible through photographic documentation, she's very underrated and I hope she gets looked at by the judges this year.


Anonymous said...

Nice to go solo exploring outside the box everyonce in a while isn't it?

Kate Baird said...

I go solo exploring outside of the box quite frequently - :)