Friday, July 11, 2008

Rise up and Fly

Sleep is still evasive, but I did manage to get the doctor to prescribe me what I think works for me...actually I KNOW it works for me. Doctors don't like that - you telling them what you need, but I tried his suggestion and it didn't do much good but make me a drowsy zombie during the day. It got me to sleep, but didn't keep me there. I'd rather have a harder time getting to sleep but stay there once I'm there. Fragmented sleep is just as detrimental as no sleep at all. I did get to a really dangerous point for a while. I understand brainwashing.

Anyhoooo, in the midst of walking around in this zombie like condition, Power Goddess decided that she was going to make a couple of brief visits this week. Most notable - I deadlifted last night. I wasn't going to, especially since last week's session was so bad that I quit and didn't even bother finishing the workout. I didn't train Sunday either - what was the point of even trying in a critically useless state, potential for injury... I didn't even want to bring it up, but I only did 320 for 2 last week, and that was a struggle...crud, I was almost ready to submit to the notion that my peak was over, and the platform was no longer a viable goal. Might have had to go back to the notion of being purely a bodybuilder (perish that thought), because bodybuilders can get away with "working around" things, even with lighter weight.
But I was able to get some of that good stuff - sleep, and even though I'm not caught up yet - far from it, I managed a 320 for 10 - I honestly could have pulled a couple more but I decided I wasn't going to have more than a couple of good sets in me energywise, so I needed to save what I had(and you know I hate reps anyway). GW counted a 6 for me on the 370, I only counted 5, but of course I was zoned out someplace else, so maybe he was correct. I always like to take the lower number in question, much unlike other people, because I really don't want to think I'm better than what I am if there is a question. But hey - 370 for 5 or 6 is getting up there close to what was once my best.... then the 410 was laying there looking all evil and taunting me... Were the rabies running rampant enough in my system to do it????
Yeah! Power Goddess is back. Funny how for so long you listen to someone else tell you how to do something, and you don't trust your natural instinct enough to make that one little change.
I made one little change in my deadlift technique and it has made all of the difference in the world. Look for bigger numbers whenever I get this sleep thing entirely on a roll. I really should have listened to myself on this one a long, long LONG time ago. Sometimes people fill your head with garbage though, and you really don't know how to filter out the good from the bad, the right from the wrong. You get garbage in - you get garbage out.

Soooo - looks like some big changes in store for me in the coming few months. A major company wants to sponsor me and move me out to this wonderful warm and tropical location, of which I'm not really allowed to announce the details yet, but it looks like I can finally pull roots up here and move on.

Here is GW and his big ol' hamhocks poking out.
GW is looking good, and will be ready for a big pull next week in California (California, MD, that is...).

And here is you know who ...believe it or not, I actually look alot better than what that picture of me portrays. I've made a few changes in a few variables, again listening to my own instincts, and lo and behold, I am happy with the results - very happy. I'm still hanging anywhere from around 159 - 161 on a normal day. (Harder to MAINTAIN weight than I thought! My body keeps wanting to GROW!!)If I could have would have stuck it out - I'm telling you sure as shooting I would have done very well at the Masters....but, of course, we'll never realize that, because I didn't and I'm not. And I'm ok with that. I'm just not ok with the lack of progress in the powerlifting department.
But I will rise up, and I will fly - again I shall fly


mochamoe said...

cutting out all caffeine for three days, might help.....i'm a monster without rem.....and coffee

Anonymous said...

Hope get the sleep situation under control. I know how it can wear you down.

Anonymous said...

hawaii? is that the warm and tropical location?

Kate Baird said...

Mocahamoe - life without coffee is no life for me. Actually I rarely drink it after the noon hour.

R. it certainly does...

JC - there aren't enough Rats in Hawaii for me... You know what I'm sayin' ???? :)