Thursday, July 31, 2008


Back to eating, gaining size, getting to be a big Kate again - I am the wishy washy yes.?..well, no, not really. I'd stick to my decisions if the powers that be let me...but I have to follow the powers that be.

I have revealed that I look for "signs" in my life. Signs to show me direction, answer my questions, guide me - Sometimes they are very quiet, and I have to search high and low and sometimes I miss them. Sometimes they are loud and clear, and sometimes I want to do everything in my power to avoid the callings...and sometimes I am forced to stop dead in my tracks and just admit that this is what I must heed to, this is my calling, this is my purpose. I have been alerted in many ways recently, and I have been given several signs. I have been given one sign in particular that I shall relinquish myself to, and follow through and not look back - no questions, no doubts, no fears....

Monday was leg day. No squats, of course, :( :( :( And gosh by golly no leg extensions for me either as they aggravated my leg. I used the Hammer Strength leg press, which my head still hates but gosh, my legs absolutely love it.
And sissy squats - i was surprised I was able to do those, but very thankful as they are always one of my favorites. The first day I ever trained with weights I was shown the sissy squat. Maybe it's a sentimental love of the exerercise, but I honestly feel they work for me very well.

I promised my friend Justine Dohring that if she won her class at the Junior Nationals I would go out for a high fat milkshake with her . Well, she won the lightheavies - and very deservedly so.
She, as they say proverbially, 'brought it' to the stage in Chicago. Anyone that knows me even a little, knows I am very anal about eating anything high fat - it is like poison to me. But I broke down, I paid up and had the milkshake. And this is what happened to me


And here is dear Justine about to devour her rasberry and pistachio ice cream cone

and then she turned into a goat...what's up with that dairy farm ice cream?

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Anonymous said...

Too funny -
You are a nut Kate ;-)