Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Post leg day

We are still trekking up to the Training Center for leg training on Mondays. B is still analyzing his T-Rex squat suit. I think he is going to trash the wide stance. He is right, I believe, in going back to the narrower stance. Len Walker joined us last night. Len didn't actually train "with" us, as he uses bands and chains and boxes etc...and we do not, but he is just so much fun and highly energetic and the nicest guy in the entire world. There can be nothing but positive energy emitted from feeding off of people like Len - He will be joining us semi-regularly. YAY!

I am still only squatting every other week. Last night I leg pressed. 1090 x 8, 1180 x 6, 1240 x 2...heavy, and I am feeling the quads today! Then onto ssslllloooowww leg extensions, two sets of two, and one regular set. Four sets of one legged Hammer leg curls - two ssslllooowww and two regular, and four sets of calves on the hacks. I still look ripped and veiny and my calves looked extra swolt last night. It is so hard to leave this look behind, but I have to put at least a few pounds on to push heavier weights...so see ya, I'm going to go eat a peanut butter slathered protein bar. Oink -

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