Monday, January 01, 2007

Wishing you all a powerful New Year

2007 - my oh my time is flying by...don't be looking for me to post any new year's resolutions. I make daily resolutions.Today is no different to me than say, yesterday or the day before or...I reflect and analyze continuously, and try to make myself not only better on the outside, but the inside as well every day(well, MOST days). OK, OK, my resolution is to make at least one person smile every day. Now THAT is powerful! Think about that next time you make someone smile.
Let's go back to Wednesday. I had someone different spotting me, my dear friend "Big" Bill...he kindly stuck around and spotted me as I was alone that evening. It had been a whole week since I had trained anything at all. Either I was super Kate that night, or Bill helped me on the spotting. I would like to assume the former, as Bill is quite an accomplished bencher (recently benched bodyweight for 39 reps. He weighs 280.), and he knows how to spot. So let's just say that I did the 275 for six pauses and 295 for four pauses and be done with that.

Sunday I knew I wasn't physically prepared for squatting, but mentally I HAD to. I was either going to squat, or I wasn't going to squat, but I had to find out. One and a half days after training back, even without deadlifting, is much too soon to train legs. The Hammer Strength rack is totally wierd to me. it's the first time squatting in it. We went to the back rack, as the front just threw me off completely. B can stand up and get out with no problem. It's just not quite right for me. Normally if I'm mentally tired, I can just let my physical self take over. When I am physically tired, I can get my mental being to take over. Yesterday, I was mentally AND physically tired, and I just couldn't get it going. BURNT OUT??? As B said I looked, I also felt "rusty". WTF???
385 may as well have been 500. I did two singles with it. Then 275 for 10. I have truly lost my squatting groove, and I need to find it. Now, all told, my knee held up very well. It hurt when B wrapped it, oooh, it did hurt. And it was impossible to walk to the chalk box once wrapped. But, the down and up motion of squatting did not hamper it, at least apparently. We then did two sets of slooooooww leg presses, and some slooowww leg curls. That was it. Oh, and some calves. How depressing....
Highest probability is that I will only bench and deadlift come January 13...but if y'all know me, and if you read this journal you might guess, that I could change my mind at any given time. It all depends if the groove finds its way back home to me. I miss it desperately.

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