Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rediscovering hams

Up until several months ago, we always trained our hamstrings first on leg day. I'm not even sure when we dropped the habit. Even before performing big squats, hamstrings always came first. I always found that this helped me feel supported - to know that my legs were actually down there to hold me up. Even if we fried them with 3 or 4 all out sets of leg curls or whatever, "feeling" the hammies always seemed to help me in the squat.
Somehow we fell out of the practice and I even forgot that we did that. I have been wondering what the heck has been going on in my squat, and as soon as Broderick suggested we start doing the hammies first again, I knew that was it. We started doing this again last night. I did not squat, I leg pressed, but yes indeed! That was the ticket -
We went to The Training Center, hadn't been there in about a month. It feels good to be back. Leg training anywhere else just is not the same. Leg presses up to 1290 for 3...knees to chest, none of those partial movements some people call reps.
I have to find myself a powerlifting meet to do within the next month. I'm not even going to "prep" for one, just go do one, to make up for missing Henri Skiba's meet on Saturday.

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Unknown said...

Stay stong!! You look gorgeous :)