Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hang in There

My website is still in process of transition. I imagine it will be a few more days until the kinks get all worked out. The Members' Section is almost ready to launch, too! So yunz all hang in there (you Pittsburgh area people know that word).

I didn't make any postings last week becuase my site has been down, although you can
access my blog from www.DE-APF.com.

Last week B wasn't around, but I didn't really have to venture out all alone. Monday I did train alone, but I went down to Rehoboth Gold's, and my darling Jump Rope helped me out whilst I squatted. I call him Jump Rope because before I knew his name I noted that he always began his training sessions by jumping rope for 5 or 10 minutes. Jump Rope is about 5'5, 150 pounds, and strong as Heck!!!! If he spent some time training with us, or anyone for that matter, learning technique, he'd be incredible, naturally. Jump Rope volunteered to wrap my knees for squatting after I told him I never wrapped my own knees before...so I STILL haven't ever wrapped my own knees. Isn't that scary? I've wrapped B's twice - once in practice and once in the gym. At least I can wrap my own wrists... still the princess. I AM capable of really putting forth and working hard on my own, and I did just that. I didn't squat terribly heavy, 365 for 5, just enough to keep in practice. Lots of tension and pain...it was good, but I did miss B.

Wednesday George Wilson came to work out with us, but as I was solo, he kind of just wound up helping me out, which was really sweet of him. George has won many powerlifting events. He won the Delaware Senior Olympics last year, with a 450 bench, I believe. George is 55 or 56, but he looks great. And he's handsome. I benched 275 for 5 pauses, then 315 for 1 pause... could have done 2, but we planned a 335 pause, unnfortunately - nope. I tried to put myself in George's mode, didn't work. I did get it halfway up. I guess the rotation, or forgetting the rotation, was the problem here. He helped me out for the rest of chest, then exited.
I finished with delts, and tri's, and got a big swole on!

Friday Bill Jentz (Women's Physique World) came to town. He was on his way to Ocean City, MD, so he stopped in to train with me on the way down...mostly he followed me around and videoed me. He did try some dumbell rowing, and some barbell curling. It was so much fun. I like Bill very much. I deadlifted, nothing remarkable, up to 395, which came up notedly easy, I should have put 20 more pounds on the bar, it still would have been easy. I seem to be stuck at doing one heavy rep on the deadlift though, easy or not easy, then I get tired and peter out. Moved on to dumbell rows. Bill thought 150 for 12 was exceptional...I thought it was eveyday dumbell rowing. I'm hoping to get up to The Training Center this Friday and rep with the 180's...it's hard to find a gym with big dumbells - what gives? Strong people need their nourishment, too. Bill repped a 135 for 5 in the barbell curl. We went to DogfishHead and had steak and wine and ale.

Last night, Monday night, B returned! We "backed off'"...because it's my "back off" week...We remembered to do hamstrings first, which I forgot to do last week.
My hip was so jammed up. I went to the chiropractor, but he couldn't budge me much - thank God B knows a bit about the human structure. he grabbed on me, pushed on me, manuevered me and mangled me. He managed to unjam me enough so I am not in constant pain at this time.
My right hip just jams up on me, and my whole right side gets pained, from my neck down to my toes. Ever since I slipped a disc five years ago, it's been trouble and pain. The chiropractor wants to unjam the spine, but B says unless the hip is aligned, the back isn't goingt to work it out. B is right so often it is scary. I am glad he is back. Though I had a good week and enjoyed my time with fresh faces, I missed him.

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