Thursday, January 18, 2007

Power Benching!!!

I was on fire! Since I didn't bench on Saturday, and last week was an abbreviated workout, heck, I sure should have been ready to bench press. My forearms were sore from Monday (the only thing I can figure was from wrapping "B's knees", so I figured if I bombed there was my excuse.

I warmed up relatively quickly last night. I was in a relaxed mode, too ( I used the "R" word!) . 275 was my first set. I did it very determinidly (is that a word?). Since my forearms were sore, I had to really focus on tightening my chest, and that made all of the difference in the world. I forgot to put my wraps on, and B stopped me short of expending my energy. I did four pauses. He saw my mode and popped three wheels (I love saying that!) on each side, and told me that I was going to pause. This was my goal for my meet in April. Was I ready for this so soon? Heck yeah! Not one, but two PAUSE reps at 315! I even impressed myself. So what then, on my next set??? 335, of course. Not pause reps, but touch and go, becuse, heck, it is a whole bunch of weight. Two reps,all mine...

So, the question is, can I bring that to a meet without choking? My technique is much better than last year, so much better, maybe not completely flawless, but certainly golden technique these days, if I do say so myself. I even have a small arch going on. OK, truth be told, it's the magic shoes. Shoes can make a heck of a difference, yes.

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