Sunday, January 14, 2007

missed it

The Jersey Iron meet - I was all packed by Friday morning, I was ready to roll. Sometimes things just don't work out the way you had planned. A misfortunate incident occurred -
It wasn't me that it happened to. I am fine. Broderick had an MRI on Friday. Apparently he is severely allergic to whatever the stuff is that they give you before the MRI. He was violently ill.
Had we any inkling that I would have missed the meet, I would have driven myself up on Friday, but by Saturday morning it was all but too late. I can't drive long distances and perform without resting my back - y'all have to remember I have an "angry" back. That's the short version of the story.
I really wanted to compete in Henri Skiba's meet, because he is a truly super guy with a heart as big as the sun. I hope his meet was successful, and I have the opportunity once again to compete in a meet that he produces.

OK, so enough whining and wimpering. What can I do but plug on for the next one....

I did go to the gym, and deadlift. I pulled 400 very easily, which makes me believe that I could have pulled 420 in meet conditions. I took my time yesterday, trained hard but was laid back about it, rather than my usual tense self. Maybe it was because I was in a bummed mood that I did not have my usual mode going. But, I will be all that much better for the next injuries, lots of rest, loads of enthusiasm. I'll be there.

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