Saturday, January 06, 2007


It feels really great walking around in flip flops and a tank top in January. It doesn't feel really great having the flu. It does feel really great knowing that the reason I had a mediocre training session last night was the fact that I have the flu, and not that I am burnt out or overtrained or just plain ol' weak. What a warped method of thinking.
It was in the mid-70's here today. Donned a new red sleeveless mini dress and went for a photo session down on the beach. The lighting was as warm as the air was. I was cramping up all over the place whilst posing, however, and that's about the time the FLU feeling finally slammed me.

If you read my journal even semi-regularly, you know I get just about everything that is making its way through the populace. Seems my son bestowed his illness upon me....grrrrrrooooan. I feel like sludge.

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