Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday January 04 2007

I am frantically working on getting the Members Section of my website ready. It is bunches of work!!! I have had many requests from fans already, so I am have high hopes that it will be a succesful venture. I've got tons of unreleased photos, unreleased video clips, etc. etc. just waiting. I am excited. If anyone has suggestions for me, please e-mail me. I'm getting alot of requests for my foot shots, too - I have awesome feet, if I do say so myself.

My son has been sick this week. I had the thermometer out the other day after taking his temerature. Just for the heck of it (and because I've been feeling bad) I took mine, and lo and behold, my temperature was a degree and a half higher than base temp. So, I've been sick, and not as burnt out as I thought. I swear I get so used to feeling bad that when I am sick, I do not know it. Here is a picture of "the boy" at Christmas, Slater. 13 years old, the "Magic" age, for a few more weeks, until he turns the "Super Magic" age of 14..

Benches last night. I was about 10% - 15% off normalcy, but close enough not to gripe about it. And I haven't been taking vitamins, either. I confirmed one thing last evening - The rotation of the wrist is my key in pushing the bar back and up. We also determined that the heavier the bar is, the better my technique gets. Perhaps it is the thought of being crushed underneath of it if I don't get it back to the rack that enhances my performance??!! 275 for three pauses were so/so. B put 315 on the bar, for a PAUSE REP, said he'd help me get it off of my chest - plan being that a 275 or 290 after 315 was going to feel so much lighter. OK, that makes sense. He helped me, but only an eeny bitsy bit - as I stated, my technique gets better the heavier the bar. SOooooooooo, my plan is to get the 315 raw at a meet before another woman does else does. And if someone gets it before me, I'll have to work on the 325!! : ) As you can see, as my muscles get bigger, my hair gets bigger too. Bill Jentz of Women's Physique World, has voted my mop "Most Muscular Hair"!!!

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