Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bruce Thompson is a THIEF

I am making this post because I am truly getting aggravated. I took this to the State Police SIX weeks ago, and they are FINALLY putting out a warrant for this guy's arrest - Many people in the gym communities know Bruce Thompson in Delaware. He has been a bodybuilder for years. He used to promote the DE State bodybuilding show, and he asked me to help him promote the East Coast Classic this year, which he had done for six years. However, what it all boils down to is this - Bruce stole $2100 of mine He deceived me, and will not return it. I reported him to the NPC, and yes, I have tons of correspondence and documentaion to prove my story. I gave it all to the police, they agreed with me that the man committed fraud and stole (yet have done nothing).
SO if you come across Bruce Thompson - will you just ask him where my $2100 is please?

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JC said...

this really sucks.

sounds like your only recourse will be civil