Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 04 2006 7:25 pm

Well, this week got all screwed up...B is sick, and he didn't make it last nite, so I put my training off until tonite, and he still couldn't make it. I can't squat without him...FEAR....Big Bill was at the gym tonite, and I thought about asking him for spotting, but I have such FEAR of squatting. I'm sure out of anybody Bill is perfectly capable of spotting correctly, but experience in bad spotters coupled with the FEAR I already have of squatting prevented me from pursuing . Hence, I leg pressed. I had good intentions of finally learning to wrap my knees myself on the two heavy sets, but darling Bill volunteered, so I got out of that...PITIFUL, I am PITIFUL!!!!
A competitive powerlifter who can't wrap their own knees (or wrists, for that matter!!!)
Sure I can leg press heavy, but I'm thinking that the lack of squatting prep is definitely going to hinder me. I'll be squatting in the 400's, but I really wanted to hit the high 400's, and now I'm getting rather bummed out about the whole thing. I'm also coming down with this thing that is going around,...Gosh, haven't I been sick enough lately?!!! The entire month of February I was illin'...I'm sucking zinc and C lozenges like they was goin' outa style.

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