Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday April 17, 2006 7:49 pm

OK boys and girls, I am REALLY FULL OF MYSELF right now. Just got done legs~I did a 425 squat, walking it back out of the racks, going well past deep enough, and no whining, no security spotters on the side, either!!..oh, and just to remind y'all if you are reading this - belt and knee wraps only. UNEQUUIPPED.
The 500 unrack last week really helped me get control of the 425 this week. Yeppers...It was shaky but I had control. The secret, boys and girls, is going deep enough to put the hamstrings into play to power you up. A squat is not a squat without the hamstring power.
B really put it into the right perspective, when comparing equipped lifting with unequipped lifting. It's rare to see someone equipped do a real squat, it is a competitive lift, but not a squat.
I won't go there....I respect equipped lifting for what it is, I just prefer not to, because I CAN, and I can do it well.

Secret to my diet revealed : right after working out, to replace the glycogen in the muscles - 2 glasses of wine. Year round, day in, day out, bulking up, dieting down...always, 2 glasses of wine...unless I'm having a bourbon. Lately I have been preceding the wine with Creatine(MuscleTech to be exact), but that is mostly because I need the calories. I'm at 166. I have to lose a pound for the meet - I will cut back on my daily Little Debbie cakes.

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