Friday, April 07, 2006

April 07 9:58 am

It seems that I have my best gym days when I'm off kilter - tired, or sick, etc. Last night was no exception. B was back, still feeling the after effects of being sick, and I was feeling the full bloom of being sick. However, we both were totally "in the zone". I can only describe it as when I feel physically off, I expect less of myself so I don't have that stress riding on me. I am able to get into a more detached zone when I'm tired...???? WhatEVER!!
Anyhoo, my first work set began at 250 for 7...hmmm, not too shabby, little princess. So B gives me a choice, either do pause reps, or let's load 305 on the bar and see what you can do with it.
I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about feeling the heavy load, and I opt for the 305. I expected a good whole hearted effort, I'm not really sure that I did expect to get the whole rep, much less a perfect rep, much less two perfectly executed reps......yeah, 305 for 2. The Power Goddess made a great appearance at the gym last night.
I'm still sick today, and I believe that it's mandatory that I deadlift tonight. Somebody pray for me....

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