Tuesday, April 25, 2006

april 25, 2006 Tuesday 12:33 pm

Nerves sucked out my energy yesterday...really...I was a bundle o' nerves up until squat time, thinking about this meet upcoming and how I want it to be a great success, not just a success, but a GREAT success. I manged a 405 squat, wielding the bar around gets easier each time, but I was just missing that "oomph"... it was, however, probably one of the best squats I've ever done form wise, and depth wise - the guys told me it was real deep....(hamstrings).

My deadlift was the best deadlift I ever did, too...it was only 355, but it came off the floor fast, and I kept the pace and form the whole way up... 2 squats, 2 deadlifts, couple of sets of hamstring curls and I was out of there.

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