Friday, April 07, 2006

April 07 6:51 pm

I really tried to think about this tonight, because I'm sick as a dog again, compounded with lack of sleep. I was thinking earlier I might not even be able to train. But heck, I've trained in these conditions before. What it is when I'm sick, is that my mind and body can't quite fuse into unision, so I'm only able to be in one or the other. I go with the mind, and stuff happens.
I finally gave Broderick his 10 reps at 315 in the deadlift. Then a set of 7. My lungs still hurt an hour and a half later.
We cut the workout short, we are both sick, and I am trying my derndest not to become overtrained. 2 sets deadlifts, two sets of cable rows, 2 sets of pulldowns. My lungs still hurt, and I've got this lovely deep hacking cough to go with that. I've also got "the workout headache", similar to an ice cream headache but it comes from really digging in and performing at the gym.

I hear the Nyquil calling already.

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