Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday April 14 2006 7:53 pm

What was pounded into my thick noggin one more time tonite was having a day off between training seesions in a MUST, not a choice. Since we had to push legs off a day, hence chest pushed off until last night, then straight into tonight with no rest for back...tonight I was just physical toast - burnt out tired...not mentally, thank goodness, - 'twas all that saved the effort I had.
Last night, benching went well. I did 2 second pauses. First set 205 - effortless, next set 225 - still very easy, next set 245...the 245 was the easiest out of the three sets!! I could probably handle a 275 for a two second pause, but we didn't want me to go overbaord ...then I did two work sets at 225, one for 7 and one for 5, I think.
Proceeded to smith inclines, then Hammer Strength machine presses...We did delts very quickly tonite...oh the big plump burning deltoids!!!! I like the "shoulder stripes" (striations) that are poking out of my delts....Shoulder srtipes are where it is at!!!:Lateral flyes and machine presses - zip, zap- got through them FAST! Then tricep pressdowns.
Tonight we tossed the idea of not doing deadlifts around, but we did them. Too muxh work within too few days... warming up, at 315 I felt kind of out of sync, but not too bad to call it off. B predicted 365 for 3, but I could only muster one today.
He said he could see the lackadaisity in my hamstrings...I don't even remeber if I did another set or not...really, I can't remember. That's how burnt I am.
We cut everything else short, too. So, I predict lots of rest and food this weekend, and I will come back strong come on Monday. I want to feel 500 pounds on my back again, so I can finally learn not to be afraid of 405....

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