Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 12 2006 8:09 am

I squatted last night. It was an effort to get under the bar, because of this &*%%$?/@ dry hacking cough and lack of oxygen due to congestion, but I had been waiting for so long to get under there. It HAD to happen.
405 for the first rep was relatively effortless. Even walking back with the weight was no problem. Yeah, I had the weight. At the transition point from rep #1 to rep #2, I actually had control of everything. The leg wobbles may have been there, but I had control. Somewhere on the descent my endurance just left, and I felt the tightness in my body go slack. I thought I was going to go down. But my posse of spotters (my security blanket of men...I am a baby, a princess) demanded that I finish, they were NOT going to ALLOW me to fail on this. Thanks guys. I finished. I did two reps!!As soon as I left the squat racks I had a coughing fit.
That took everything out of me, yet it took nothing...I am stronger than this, I know it. I'm still growing INTO my strength, rather than trying to get stronger.
B wanted me to put 500 on my back and walk out for a count of 5 and then re-rack. I got under the 500, but that weight wasn't going anywhere. I held it, and gosh darn is 500 pound heavy!!!
But my legs were not moving. Maybe if I wasn't sick I would have moved, maybe not, but there is the next goal. I want to squat 500 in November.

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