Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Clyde Carr Photographer

I had a photoshoot with Clyde Carr yesterday - posted some new pix on my site. Ladies, if you ever get the chance to shoot with Clyde Carr go for it. He is an awesome photographer, and an awesome guy. I have known Clyde for a couple of years now, and he is just a big sweetheart. My friend Lisa Scott makes most of the dresses and posing suits I wear in the pictures on my site, and I am taking a bunch with me for the photoshoots in Miami.
I will have a link to her designs on my site ASAP.
She is so very talented and creative! You can reach her at Lisascott1960@hotmail.com, or e-mail me. She'll make just about anything you want, and make it good!

We are just about off to Miami- I will try to update my journal while we are there. My darling counterpart B is going with me - my babysitter! LOL, funny, but oh, so true! He is the one who truly has the hard job.
I have done everything in my power that I could do (save for all of those extra reps in the squat that I always wimp out on). I have trained my guts out, I have dieted hard without cheating once, I have posed, I have prayed - I am confident that I am going in the best I can be. The judges either like me or they don't - but at this point, I like what I am bringing. Send me some positive energy on Saturday morning, pleeeeezzz!!

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