Monday, November 06, 2006

I know I don't look happy in this front relaxed picture, but it is the only still B took on Saturday. I was 147, and an even drier 146.5 on Sunday.
Right on target, and my legs are FINALLY starting to dry out.
The hamstring picture is proof that my hamstrings actually do start in the rear of my knees. I don't think I can recall ever seeing anybody with hammies this low before. This is where I believe I get lots of power to squat big iron from -

I didn't get to IHOP on Saturday as planned, but did get there yesterday! I ate my stack of harvest grains and half of B's, then took Slater out to dinner and had peanuts and sodium enriched rice, so I'm not quite as dry today! I will be good today and be back on track tomorrow.

Monday is usually leg day, but to give them proper rest before the show I went in and trained them yesterday. No squats!!(BOO). Just some good ol' fashioned blood pumping training.
Saddest thing is, I can't squat again for two more weeks...WOE is me. The weather has been glorious, so I went for an extra walk this weekend - only two miles. I know there are doubters who don't believe me when I say I do no cardio, but hey, I don't do any cardio.

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