Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Home again Home again

jiggetty jig.........

As I stated, the judges are either going to like me, or not. Apparently not - apparently I "suffer" from not looking muscular enough in my relaxed stances, but when I flex I carry too much detailed and conditioned muscle for their liking. I like it, and apparently alot of other people like it - but not the judges. My placing - very top of the "16"th pile, EXACTLY the same as last year. My opinion is that realistically I should have come in somewhere between 8th and 13th. There are a few other women I thought should have placed higher, too - Gerri Deach and Pam Franklin in particular, I could say so many things here, but I won't. However, if anyone reading this saw the show or sees the competition comparisons and pre-judging pictures cares to drop me a line and give me an honest assessment, constructive critisism welcome. please do via e-mail at

I had a blast meeting and posing for Annie Rivvieccio. She is a doll. I had a shoot with Eric Lemke and totally enjoyed working with him, also. Of course, Tom Nine - a pure pleaure.
I have some pictures to post and more to relay, but I am still in a state of physical exhaustion.
Even typing is wearing me out -

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