Thursday, November 02, 2006


A head cold! Nothing is worse than a head cold. Sseriously, I would rather have the flu than a head cold. Nothing is worse than not being able to breathe. Air is underrated. Somebody has stuffed corks into my sinus cavitiesI am sure. Can't sleep, can't taste my food...aaargghh!
I was feeling good until this. Well, better now than next week. It's hard to train without a breath for each rep - it's rep, rep GASP, rep rep GASP

My strength is still hanging, just a little down, and I'm more apt to wimp out and not do the extra rep because I can blame it on the diet...that's bad. I have still been repping with 400+ squats, and reps last nightwith 285 on the bench. And I'm 147 and a half to 148 and a half on a daily basis for the past two weeks. Every day I do get more vascular and striated. B says my legs are just water balloons, and they will look fine on stage. My hamstrings are really long, actually end in the back of my knees, so some of that apparent "bulge" that other girls show isn't quite that apparent because of that fact... the apparent "sweep" to the quads doesn't show either because my muscle attaches into the knee, not above like most people's. B always says I could have been one of the top sprinters in the world because of my build.

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