Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back to the benching board

B couldn't make it to the gym last night - 'twas just George and I. We decided to just train and have some fun, and we did. We kept the reps high - 10 is high for me!!! I didn't want to go over 225 on the bench, because I was determined to relearn a groove, if I needed to...well, there was no lack of groove last night. Of course, the weights were on the lighter side, but the arch, the push, the rotation - they were there...hmmm. Do I need to pull out the "nervous theory" to explain last Saturday? Then again, my hip is starting to slide back into the jammed position - I can tell that I'm standing incorrectly again, with my hips pushed out instead of back.
I managed a 225 x 10, x 10, x 8, x 6, and G gave me just a little help on the last two sets to make it up to 10. All paused - I tried to un-pause the reps on my last set, but I am so used to pausing that not doing so feels foreign to me now. So, for the rest of my life - I pause.
We did declines and crossovers and later flyes and front laterals and all those movements that powerlifters eschew!
This morning I feel tight, I feel trained, I feel pleasantly trained. However, I still abide by my favorite theory - 'Reps suck", so don't get used to this kind of workout from me!

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