Saturday, February 17, 2007

Psychologically disabled

There is my 250 bench press from the APA Delaware Open last week - grrroooaann. No arch - and have you ever tried to utilize a foot plate that has three large holes in it? And a lip around the circumfrence, and a hole in the middle? I can come up with a million excuses, and even some reasons, but at this moment I am going to publicly admit - I choke - severe performance anxiety. I am going to do some research on sports psychology. I may make a trip back to the hypnotherapist. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do about this problem. What I do know is if I can get over this block, I can prove to the world how strong I really am. As of now, I'm sure many think I'm all talk.
Last night GW and I went to town on our backs. It was his first real deadlift workout, ever. There are some fine points that he needs to rectify, but GW has the capability of being formidable on the platform. I will tell you this also - if most of the 25 to 30 year olds I know worked out half as hard or with a fraction of determination as this 59 year old...George is remarkable. He's got this split in both of his biceps trying to poke through - awesome guns!
I'm trying to stick with the "just pick it up" theory in the deadlift, and I think that is going to be the key with me - just walk over and yank it, no analyzing, no deep breathing, no mind setting, no perfect set up -just yank on it and whip it through.
Anyhoo - getting back to that footplate problem - and the fact that that bar in the picture is my own personal bar that I brought for the meet. A couple of the other guys brought their own personal deadlift bar, also. A meet director should ALWAYS have equipment, and if not their own, then have it lined up prior to the meet. This means proper equipment. Relying on competitors and not knowing what the facility has for usage is unacceptable in my book. Run a meet - run it right!

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