Thursday, February 08, 2007

Standing straight

Last night B grabbed ahold of my leg and yanked it just right. My hip moved big time , I felt it and you could hear it. I don't know how long it has been since I have stood straight, many years, many, many, but I can actually stand straight now! I exaggerate not. Wow. I wonder what kind of difference this will make in my lifting - will I have to adjust all over again, now that I finally have a bench groove and a squat groove? This is such a great feeling. Thank you Dr. B (he truly is missing his calling - he is a healer). You can catch a picture of B in this month's PLUSA, page #42. I imagine that picture was taken seconds before he passed out!

Monday was a tremendously gratifying night in the gym. Leg night - I moved my stance back to my old narrow stance. One of the reasons was because I could - I have had to keep a wider stance lately because of all of the hip and back pain. But, because B and I have been tending to the problem with extra care and attention lately, much of the pain was gone, so I was able to move my stance back. I cannot get down deep enough with a wide stance. For me it is biomechanically impossible to squat wide, at least with a competition legal depth. My narrow stance allows me to get down past legal point and also allows me to remain strong. YAY!!!

Unfortunately, the bubble burst on Tuesday evening. Of course, I wasn't recovered from Monday, that was point #1. I just cannot train two nights in a row. Point #2 is that for EVERY meet thus far, I have bombed out in either my last bench workout or the one prior to that, no exeptions. I should have figured, since last week I was on fire. So 255 wasn't even a go. Sad, no?
But, I've consistently worked with 315 for the past couple of months, and I've been good for two good pauses at that weight for several weeks now, so as long as I can get some sleep, and eat good food, and keep my mind from wandering back to the 255, I'll be fine on Saturday.
I am down to around 161 or 162 today, so I must maintain this for weigh-ins tomorrow night.
They don't start until 6:00 pm, that sucks.

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Christine said...

I have big time probs with my hips too. I feel your pain.