Monday, February 12, 2007

APA Delaware Open

I watched the video clips of my benching, and sure enough, my set up was not right. It was more like how I used to bench last year. The arch is almost non-existant, and my legs are not on the right "elevated plane". But I could not feel that whislt I was laying on the bench. It proves the re-alignment theory is at least partially, if not mostly, the reason behind my unexpected performance on Saturday. Back to the benching board.

Here are some pics from the meet on Saturday :

John Cristaldi (aka "Jump Rope")
235Raw bench 415 Raw Deadlift at 146 lbs.

Paul Timmons - 425 Raw deadlift at 164 lbs

I don't know the green haired guy's name - but he needed a singlet to be able to lift and I donated him my extra. He looked good in it, dontcha think?

Sean Beam - Best Overall Lifter, ????, yours truly, Tim Hunter and Chris Webb. The guys are all from Dover DE Gold's Gym.

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Christine said...

Who comes to a PL w/o a singlet??? And that's awesome! Lending a dude some clothes!