Saturday, February 03, 2007

Turn me off

Last night was a kind of a crash and burn session. Crashed after I walked in the gym doors, actually - deadlifting was not quite a disaster, mostly because there wasn't much of it. I was not just 'off' last night, but I was 'turned off'. I did a few sets of high cable one arm rows, and that was it. No need to drive myself further into the ground, which is usually what I do. I need to be in good form form benching next weekend. Besides, it is supposed to be a 'back off' week anyway.
My weight is down hovering 164-165 now. I was up to 168 last week, but I needed to make weight for the meet next weekend, and waiting until the last second just isn't for me. I'd like to come in at 162.
B figured out what my pain problem is - the muscles around my core section (obliques, etc.) and hip are tighter on my right side than on my left. Was it that I've been so off kilter for so long that caused this. or was it this that caused me to become so off kilter? We will never know, though I think it is the former. No wonder I can't drive for long distances without screaming out expletives! I am prescribed (by Dr. B) to place moist heat on my right side for periods of time every day. Also to roll up a towel and place it under my gluteus medius whilst laying down to stretch my lower back. It helps.
If you watch a video clip of me squatting, you can usually pick out a wobbly kind of movement on my right side as I descend. This is an effect from the tightness I am talking about, that has been getting worse of the late. Pain, especially when I wake up, has become a daily experience. I don't like that. Let's see how much looseness I can acquire before my next full power meet, because, I am telling you, that squatting is suffering from this.

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