Sunday, April 22, 2007

Delaware Power Classic

The second annual Delaware Power Classic is now in the books and I couldn't be happier!!! Well, Yes, I could be happier if I was actually able to have competed, but it just wasn't happening as far as the squatting or the deadlifting. My back and hips were a mess. Cramps were a bit of a problem, too, for some reason. I did bench, but I did what I always do on the platform...I sucked. However, I THINK I know what I'm doing MENTALLY as well as physically, so I've got my plan brewing. Keep on plugging....sigh...
The meet was tremendously successful. They came! Over 40 competitors this time - and very good lifters at that. The helpers we had - judges, spotters, loaders, administrators, photographers, videographers, DJ, clean-up, EVERY ONE of them, were priceless. Never enough praise for them. Powerlifters seem to bond very much differently than bodybuilders. I feel quite honored and blessed to have had the individuals that were there with us helping in pure spirit and love of the sport, many of them I had never even seen before yesterday, and several who show up for support every time we gather, bless their hearts.
As I did not squat or deadlift, I finally got to sit in my own judge's chair and judge for awhile. I will probably be doing more of that as the meet is really getting a good reputation, and as it grows, so do my responsibilities and I may have to bow out of competing in my own meets...(but, as you may know my ways by now - don't hold me to that).
I won't go into names and numbers performed, because you can read the results and view video clips on when they are prepared. However, I must say that the caliber, determination and spirit of the athletes was second to none. I am so proud to be a part of this event. I have told Broderick he would be allowed to compete in our next event, and I would take his place, but I will NEVER be able to step into his place and expedite a meet the way he can. So B - forget it - HAH!!! Jack and Chrissy Osborne, owners of The Training Center - THANK YOU!!!

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congrats on the success!